Thank you for your purchase! Below are a few helpful tips on how to keep your jewelry nice and clean. Please note that differing acidity levels in peoples skin may cause silver/gold plated jewelry to tarnish quicker. Daily wear and exposure to natural elements will also cause plating to tarnish over time. Most chain and findings are made from stainless steel and may become dull with wear. See tips below to bring back the sparkle!

Cleaning chain & silver/gold: Any standard silver polish will work to polish these up. Please be sure it says that it is suitable for all metals. A small amount can be used on metal and buffed out with a silver polishing cloth. You can get all this for under about $10 online. I do not recommend using the polish on the stones, only on the metals. Gold will wear away on plated items over time.

Cleaning stones: Please make sure you Google what stones can be damaged if placed in water before cleaning. I can tell you Selenite is a big no no. It will dissolve over time in water. So please be mindful. So my secret to shiny stones is Simple Green! I fill a bowl with warm water and put a tablespoon of simple green, and a touch of natural dish soap in and mix it up. You can dip just the stone, or if the stone is water safe, you can place the whole thing in there for like 10 seconds, pull it out, pat dry it on a towel, then use the polishing cloth or a flannel like material to buff it out. You can also do this with the chain for a quick clean!

I'm sure there are a million ways to clean jewelry, but these are what I recommend for mine. Enjoy your jewels and Thank You!

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